Monday, February 4, 2013

Elmwood  Park, Illinois--Jim and Pete's Italian Restaurant

Jim and Pete's Restaurant
7806 W. North Avenue
Elmwood Park, IL 60707

Why Jim and Pete's?  Why not?  Good, basic Italian fare.

So, here we are in Illinois, with a hankering for Italian food of the most basic, substantial, and fairly un-upscale sort.  (And we'd just finished working out at the gym, too.)

Since I receive emails from Jim and Pete's to alert me to daily specials and the like, I had noticed that Mondays feature a "buy one entree, get the other half-price" offer, additionally fueling our post-gym, less-than-virtuous intentions.

To put it simply, this place is great for basic, red-sauce Italian food.  My husband ordered his favorite:  angel hair pasta with marinara and a side of two meatballs.  Not to be outdone, I ordered the same--but with regular spaghetti.

Now, the dinner salad that I had before the meal was nothing special, but it was certainly adequate.  The crusty bread was fresh and nicely warmed, and we joyfully doused our respective slices in olive oil (and my spouse added the parmigiana). Instead of salad, my husband had ordered and enjoyed his "Italian Wedding Soup," the feature that night.  The pasta entrees, however, were quite delicious and big enough that we each were able to take home half.  Ah, yes:  dinner for tonight.

Keep in mind that one has to mention the special of that particular night, a way that J and P's gets customers to subscribe to emails or to friend and like them on Facebook, the latter of which I try to avoid.  But it's certainly worth getting the notifications; just remember to mention them when you order or before you receive your bill.  (The nice servers will repair the bill, however, if you forget.)

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